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Children from resource:core
alienC library interface
arraysFixed-size arrays
assocsAssociative structure protocol
bootstrapbootstrap vocabulary
byte-arraysEfficient fixed-length byte arrays
byte-vectorsGrowable byte arrays
checksumsChecksum protocol and implementations
classesObject system implementation
combinatorsComplex conditionals (cond, case) and generalized dataflow combinators (cleave, spread)
compilerFactor's optimizing machine code compiler
continuationsCapturing and restorating continuations, catching errors
definitionsDefinition protocol and cross-referencing
destructorsObject destructors
effectsStack effects as first-class data types
genericGeneric word implementation
graphsDirected graphs
growableLow-level implementation of vectors and string buffers
hash-setsSet structure with constant-time addition and removal
hashtablesAssociative structure with expected constant time lookup
initStartup and initialization hooks
ioStream protocol
kernelData and control flow, basic object protocol
layoutsLow-level in-memory object layout introspection
lexerFactor source code lexer
makeSequence construction utility
memoryHeap introspection support
namespacesDynamically-scoped variables
parserFactor source code parser
quotationsCode quotations, essentially executable fixed-size arrays
sbufsGrowable string buffers
sequencesSequence protocol, combinators and utilities
setsSet-theoretic operations on sequences
slotsLow-level object introspection support
sortingMerge sort for sequences
source-filesSupport for tracking loaded source files
splittingSplitting sequences and grouping sequence elements
stringsFixed-size character arrays
syntaxStandard Factor syntax
systemOS and CPU queries and other system-level tasks
vectorsGrowable arrays
vocabsVocabularies are collections of words loaded from a source file
wordsWords are the fundamental units of code

Children from resource:basis
alienC library interface
asciiASCII character classes
atkAtk binding
base64Base64 encoding/decoding (RFC 3548)
biassocsBidirectional assocs
binary-searchFast searching of sorted arrays
bit-arraysFixed-size bit arrays
bit-setsEfficient bitwise operations on bit arrays
bit-vectorsGrowable bit arrays
bitstreamsReading sequences of bits from a byte stream
bootstrapbootstrap vocabulary
boxesAn abstraction for enforcing a mutual-exclusion invariant
cacheAn associative mapping whose entries expire after a while
cairoCairo graphics library binding
calendarOperations on timestamps and durations
channelsCommunicating Sequential Processes
checksumsChecksum protocol and implementations
circularVirtual sequence presenting a rotation of an underlying sequence
classesObject system implementation
cocoaObjective C/Cocoa bridge
colorsColors as a first-class data type
columnsVirtual sequence view of a matrix column
combinatorsComplex conditionals (cond, case) and generalized dataflow combinators (cleave, spread)
command-lineCommand line argument parsing
compilerFactor's optimizing machine code compiler
compressioncompression vocabulary
concurrencyconcurrency vocabulary
core-foundationBinding to Mac OS X CoreFoundation library
core-graphicsBinding to Mac OS X Core Graphics library
core-textBinding for Mac OS X Core Text library
couchdbcouchdb vocabulary
cpucpu vocabulary
csvCSV parser
dbRelational database abstraction layer
debuggerPrinting errors, inspecting tracebacks, restarts
definitionsDefinition protocol and cross-referencing
delegateDelegation and mimicking on top of the Factor object system
dequesDouble-ended queue protocol and common operations
disjoint-setsAn efficient implementation of the disjoint-set data structure
dlistsDouble-linked lists/deques
documentsMutable structure for storing a plain text document being edited in memory
editorsEditor integration
endianUtilities for working with big-endian and little-endian data
englishEnglish language
environmentEnvironment variables
escape-stringsescape-strings vocabulary
evalAd-hoc evaluation of strings of code
farkupSimple markup language for generating HTML
fontsFonts as a first-class data type
formattingFormat data according to a specified format string
frySyntax for pictured partial application and composition
ftpCommon code shared by FTP client and server
functorsFirst-class syntax
furnaceFurnace web framework
gamegame vocabulary
gdkGdk binding
generalizationsGeneralized stack shufflers and combinators to arbitrary numbers of inputs
gioGIO binding
glibGLib binding
globsUnix shell-style glob pattern matching
gmoduleGModule binding
gobjectGObject binding
gobject-introspectionGObjectIntrospection support
groupingGrouping sequence elements into subsequences
gtkGtk binding
hash-setsSet structure with constant-time addition and removal
hashtablesAssociative structure with expected constant time lookup
heapsMaxheap and minheap implementations of priority queues
helpOnline help system
hintsSyntax sugar for the Factor compiler's specializer hints facility
htmlHTML utilities
httpCommon code shared by HTTP client and server
imagesBitmap images
inspectorTerminal-based object viewer and editor
interpolateInterpolating variable values into strings
interval-mapsInterval maps for disjoint closed ranges
interval-setsinterval-sets vocabulary
inverseInvertible quotations
ioStream protocol
iokitBindings to Apple IOKit device interface
ip-parserip-parser vocabulary
jsonJSON reader and writer
lcsLevenshtein distance and diff between sequences
libcManual memory management for interfacing with C
linked-assocsAssocs that yield items in insertion order
linked-setsSets that yield items in insertion order
listenerTerminal-based interactive code evaluator
listsImplementation of lisp-style linked lists
literalsExpression interpolation into sequence literals
localsEfficient named local variables and lexical closures
loggingLogging framework with support for log rotation and machine-readable logs
macrosUtility for defining compiler transforms
matchML-style pattern matching
method-chainsBEFORE: and AFTER: syntax for extending methods in class hierarchies
mimemime vocabulary
mirrorsView any object as an association mapping slots to values
modelsObservable slots which can be composed in various ways
multilineMultiline string literals
nibble-arraysSpace-efficient arrays of 4-bit values
nmakeGeneralization of make for constructing several sequences simultaneously
openglOpenGL binding
opensslOpenSSL binding
packPacking and unpacking binary data
pangoPango binding
pegParsing expression grammar and packrat parser
persistentpersistent vocabulary
porter-stemmerPorter stemming algorithm
presentGeneric word for converting objects to strings for human consumption
prettyprintFactor source code prettyprinter
promisesLazy thunks
quoted-printableQuoted printable encoding/decoding
quotingquoting vocabulary
randomRandom number generator protocol and implementations
refsReferences to keys and values in assocs
regexpRegular expressions
romanRoman numerals library
search-dequesDouble-ended queues with sub-linear membership testing
seePrinting loaded definitions as source code
sequencesSequence protocol, combinators and utilities
serializeBinary serialization of arbitrary object graphs
shuffleAdditional shuffle words
simple-flat-fileParsing simple text files
simple-tokenizerSimple string tokenizer
smtpSending mail via SMTP
sortingMerge sort for sequences
source-filesSupport for tracking loaded source files
specialized-arraysArrays of unboxed primitive C types
specialized-vectorsVectors of unboxed primitive C types
splittingSplitting sequences and grouping sequence elements
stack-checkerStack effect inference
stringsFixed-size character arrays
suffix-arraysSuffix arrays
summaryGeneric word for converting an object into a brief one-line string
syndicationRSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feed parser
system-infoQuery the operating system for hardware information in a platform-independent way
threadsCo-operative threading
timersOne-time and recurring timers for relative time offsets
toolstools vocabulary
trFast character-to-character translation of ASCII strings
tuple-arraysEfficient arrays of tuples with value semantics for elements
typedStrongly-typed word definitions
uiFactor's graphical user interface framework
unicodeUnicode 5.2 support
unixBindings to library and system calls found on Unix-like systems
unrolled-listsDeque implementation with constant-time insertion and removal at either end, and better space efficiency than a double-linked list
urlsTools for working with URLs (uniform resource locators)
uuidGenerates UUID's.
validatorsValue validation for the web framework
vectorsGrowable arrays
vlistsPersistent sequence implementation optimizing the case where there is no sharing
vmLayout of the C vm structure
vocabsVocabularies are collections of words loaded from a source file
webbrowserOpen URLs in your web browser
windowsMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7 API bindings
wrapWord wrapping
x11X11 Xlib and GLX bindings
xdgXDG Base Directory Specification
xmlXML reader and writer
xml-rpcXML RPC client and server
xmodexmode vocabulary

Children from resource:extra
24-game24-game vocabulary
99-bottles99-bottles vocabulary
L-systemL-system vocabulary
alienC library interface
anagramsanagrams vocabulary
annotationsCode annotation comment syntax
arraysFixed-size arrays
asn1ASN.1 parser
assocsAssociative structure protocol
audioFramework for reading and playing back audio
backticksBacktick process syntax
backtrackSimple non-determinism
bankBank account simulator for compound interest calculated daily and paid monthly
base16Base 16 encoding/decoding (RFC 3548)
base32Base 32 encoding/decoding (RFC 3548)
base32-crockfordDouglas Crockford's Base 32 encoding/decoding
base85Base85 encoding/decoding
base91Base91 encoding/decoding
benchmarkVarious benchmarks to test Factor's optimizer
bencodeSupport for bencoding.
bitcoinbitcoin vocabulary
bitlyWrapper for bit.ly URL shortening web service
bittorrentBitTorent protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing.
bloom-filtersBloom filters
boidsArtificial life program simulating the flocking behaviour of birds
boolean-exprSimple boolean expression evaluator and simplifier
boyer-mooreBoyer-Moore string search algorithm
brainfuckBrainfuck programming language.
bsonBSON (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSON) reader and writer
bubble-chamberbubble-chamber vocabulary
build-supportbuild-support vocabulary
bunnyStanford Bunny OpenGL demo
cc vocabulary
cairo-democairo-demo vocabulary
cairo-gadgetsUI gadget for rendering graphics with Cairo
cairo-samplescairo-samples vocabulary
calendarOperations on timestamps and durations
capCreating and displaying screenshots of Factor
cborSupport for Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)
cgiSupport using Factor in CGI scripts
changerchanger vocabulary
checksumsChecksum protocol and implementations
chess960chess960 vocabulary
chipmunkchipmunk vocabulary
cici vocabulary
classesObject system implementation
clicli vocabulary
clutterClutter binding
codebookcodebook vocabulary
color-pickerColor picker gadget demo
color-tablecolor-table vocabulary
colorsColors as a first-class data type
combinatorsComplex conditionals (cond, case) and generalized dataflow combinators (cleave, spread)
compilerFactor's optimizing machine code compiler
constructorsUtility to simplify tuple constructors
contributorsContributor patch counts from git
coroutinesCoroutines implementation
cpucpu vocabulary
crontabParser for crontab files
cryptocrypto vocabulary
ctagsCtags generator
cuckoo-filtersCuckoo filters
cudacuda vocabulary
cuesheetParsing cue sheet (cue files)
curlBindings to libcurl
cursesncurses binding
cursorscursors vocabulary
dbfParsers for various dBase database files
decimalsdecimals vocabulary
demosdemos vocabulary
descriptiveDescriptive errors generated automatically for specially defined words
diceRandom dice rolls (with modifiers)
digraphsSimple directed graph implementation for topological sorting
dnsdns vocabulary
dwarfdwarf vocabulary
ecdsaElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (OpenSSL realisation)
echo-serverecho-server vocabulary
elfConstants and structs related to the ELF object format.
emojifyemojify vocabulary
enigmaEnigma cipher machine
envAccess environment variables via the assoc protocol
etc-hostsParsing the /etc/hosts file
eulereuler vocabulary
fastcgifastcgi vocabulary
fftwBindings to FFTW3.
file-monitorCommand-line file change monitor
file-pickerfile-picker vocabulary
file-serverCommand-line HTTP file server
fjscA 'subset of Factor' to Javascript compiler
flip-textTurns text upside-down.
fluidsfluids vocabulary
freetypeFreeType text rendering library binding
fuelFUEL turns Emacs into a rich, interactive development environment for Factor,
furnaceFurnace web framework
gamegame vocabulary
game-of-lifeConway's Game of Life
gap-bufferGap buffer data structure
gdbmGNU DataBase Manager
geo-ipIP address geolocation using database from http://software77.net/cgi-bin/ip-country/
geobytesCity, country, region database using database from http://www.geobytes.com/GeoWorldMap.zip
geohashGeohash geocoding system.
gesture-loggerGadget which logs all received gestures, for debugging
gitgit vocabulary
gmlgml vocabulary
googlegoogle vocabulary
gopherGopher client
gpuHigh-level OpenGL-based GPU resource management and rendering library
graphvizgraphviz vocabulary
gravatarWrapper for the Gravatar service.
grid-meshesgrid-meshes vocabulary
groupingGrouping sequence elements into subsequences
gstreamerGStreamer binding
gtk-samplesgtk-samples vocabulary
hacker-newshacker-news vocabulary
hamurabiPort of the HAMURABI.BAS game
hashcashHashcash implementation
hello-uiGraphical hello world demo
hello-unicodeModern "Hello world" which demonstrates various Unicode scripts
hello-worldTextual hello world demo
helpOnline help system
htmlHTML utilities
icfpicfp vocabulary
id3id3 vocabulary
ifaddrsifaddrs vocabulary
imagesBitmap images
imapReading mailboxes using IMAP
infixSupport for infix notation in Factor programs
ini-fileParses INI configuration files.
ioStream protocol
ircirc vocabulary
jamshredA simple 3d tunnel racing game
key-handlerskey-handlers vocabulary
key-loggerkey-logger vocabulary
koszulLie algebra cohomology
lcd7-segment LCD clock demo
ldcacheldcache vocabulary
libtlslibtls vocabulary
libudevBindings to libudev
libusbBindings to libusb
lintFinds potential mistakes in code
lisppasteXML-RPC interface to http://paste.lisp.org
literateLiterate programming techniques
llvmllvm vocabulary
log-viewerSimple log file watcher demo using io.monitors
logiclogic vocabulary
lru-cacheLeast Recently Used (LRU) cache
luaFFI bindings to the Lua programming language.
machine-learningmachine-learning vocabulary
machoConstants and structs related to the Mach object format.
magiclibmagic binding
managed-servermanaged-server vocabulary
markov-chainsMarkov chain processes.
marvelmarvel vocabulary
masonContinuous build system for Factor
mazeMaze generator demo
memcachedProvides access to memcached, a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system.
memoryHeap introspection support
mergermerger vocabulary
metarMETAR and TAF weather parsers
midiReading and writing MIDI files
minesweeperMinesweeper game
model-viewermodel-viewer vocabulary
modelsObservable slots which can be composed in various ways
modernmodern vocabulary
monadsHaskell-style monads
moneyUtility for calculating money with rationals
mongodbMongoDB Factor integration
morseConverts between text and morse code, and plays morse code.
msgpackSupport for msgpack protocol.
msxml-to-csvConverting MSXML to comma separated values demo
multi-methodsExperimental multiple dispatch implementation
named-tuplesUse tuples like both sequences and assocs
native-thread-testnative-thread-test vocabulary
neheNeHe OpenGL tutorials ported to Factor
noisenoise vocabulary
notificationsnotifications vocabulary
ntpClient for NTP protocol
numbers-gameNumber guessing game demo
nurbsNURBS curve evaluation
oauth1oauth1 vocabulary
oauth2oauth2 vocabulary
odbcODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) binding
oggOgg media library binding
openalOpenAL 3D audio library binding
openclHigh-level vocabulary for using OpenCL
openglOpenGL binding
pair-methodsOrder-insensitive double dispatch generics
pair-rocketH{ "foo" => 1 "bar" => 2 } style literal syntax
pairsAssoc implementation optimized for a single key/value pair
parser-combinatorsHaskell-style lazy parser combinators
partial-continuationsPartial continuations - breset/bshift
path-findingA* path-finding algorithm
pcrelibpcre binding
pdfCreating PDF files
pegParsing expression grammar and packrat parser
picomathImplementation of picomath.org small math functions
pingUses ICMP to test the reachability of a network host.
pokerPoker hand evaluator
pongpong vocabulary
pop3Retrieve mail via POP3
processingprocessing vocabulary
progress-barsprogress-bars vocabulary
project-eulerProject Euler example solutions
protocolsprotocols vocabulary
punycodePunycode and Internationalized Domain Names
pythonPython interface
qtkitqtkit vocabulary
quadtreesQuadtree spatial indices
qwPerlish syntax for literal arrays of whitespace-delimited strings (qw{ foo bar })
randomRandom number generator protocol and implementations
raylibraylib vocabulary
readlinelibreadline bindings
readline-listenerA listener that uses libreadline.
redditReddit API
redisWords for communicating with the Redis key-value database
reportsreports vocabulary
resolv-confresolv-conf vocabulary
robotsrobots vocabulary
rolesMixins for tuples
romsroms vocabulary
rosetta-coderosetta-code vocabulary
rot13Rot13 demo
rpnSimple RPN calculator
ryuFloat to string conversion
s3Amazon S3 Wrapper
semantic-versioningsemantic-versioning vocabulary
sequencesSequence protocol, combinators and utilities
setsSet-theoretic operations on sequences
shapefilesParsers for ESRI Shapefiles
shellshell vocabulary
site-watchersite-watcher vocabulary
slidesBare-bones tools for giving presentations and demonstrations with the Factor UI
slotsLow-level object introspection support
smalltalksmalltalk vocabulary
snake-gamesnake-game vocabulary
sodiumThe Sodium crypto library
sortingMerge sort for sequences
soundexPhonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound
spellingPeter Norvig's spelling corrector
spheresDraw pixel-perfect spheres using GLSL shaders
spiderspider vocabulary
splittingSplitting sequences and grouping sequence elements
spotlightspotlight vocabulary
streamstream vocabulary
subrip-subtitlessubrip-subtitles vocabulary
successorsuccessor vocabulary
sudokuSudoku solver demo
svgParsers for SVG data
synthSimple sound synthesis using OpenAL.
talkstalks vocabulary
tartar vocabulary
taxestaxes vocabulary
tensorstensors vocabulary
terminalterminal vocabulary
terminfoReads terminfo database files
terrainWalk around on procedurally generated terrain
tetrisGraphical Tetris game
text-analysisPerform analysis on English text.
text-to-pdfText-to-PDF converter.
text-to-speechText-to-speech utility
timetime vocabulary
time-servertime-server vocabulary
tnetstringsReader and writer for "tagged netstrings"
tokyotokyo vocabulary
tomlParsers for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language (TOML).
toolstools vocabulary
totpRFC 6238 Time-Based One-Time Passwords
trailstrails vocabulary
treesBinary search trees
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet
turingTuring machine simulator
twitterWrapper for Twitter web service
txonTXON (http://www.hxa.name/txon/) reader and writer
tzinfoParsing timezone files.
uiFactor's graphical user interface framework
ulidUniversally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
unicodeUnicode 5.2 support
unitsunits vocabulary
usa-citiesusa-cities vocabulary
uuSupport for uuencoding and uudecoding.
variablesvariables vocabulary
variantsSyntax and combinators for manipulating algebraic data types
visionectVisionect Server Management API
vocabsVocabularies are collections of words loaded from a source file
wake-on-lanWake-on-LAN support
web-servicesweb-services vocabulary
webappswebapps vocabulary
webkit-demoA simple example showing usage of the Cocoa WebKit framework from Factor
websiteswebsites vocabulary
window-controls-demoOpen windows with different control sets
windowsMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7 API bindings
wolfram-alphaQuery API for Wolfram Alpha
wordtimerMicrosecond precision code timer/profiler.
xkcdComics from the http://xkcd.com website
yahooYahoo! search example using XML
yamlyaml vocabulary
youtubeWrapper for YouTube.com API.
z-algorithmZ algorithm for pattern preprocessing
zealotzealot vocabulary
zeromqBindings to 0MQ (zeromq).
zoneinfozoneinfo vocabulary

accessorsaccessors vocabulary
scratchpadscratchpad vocabulary
succesorsuccesor vocabulary