Objective C/Cocoa bridge

Tags:bindings, ffi
Authors:Slava Pestov

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USE: cocoa


Children from resource:basis
VocabularySummary vocabulary
cocoa.applicationNSApplication-related utilities
cocoa.dialogsNSOpenPanel/NSSavePanel utilities
cocoa.enumerationSupport for iterating over NSFastEnumerations
cocoa.messagesSupport and syntax for Objective C message sending
cocoa.nibsCocoa NSNib and .nib-related handy words
cocoa.pasteboardNSPasteboard utilities
cocoa.plistsReading and writing Cocoa property lists
cocoa.runtimeLow-level Objective C runtime binding
cocoa.subclassingSupport and syntax for Objective C subclassing
cocoa.touchbarcocoa.touchbar vocabulary
cocoa.typesNSPoint, NSRect, and other simple Cocoa types
cocoa.viewsNSView and NSOpenGLView utilities
cocoa.windowsNSWindow utilities