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XML parser

Tags:enterprise, web, xml
Authors:Daniel Ehrenberg


Tuple classes
pull-xml tuplescope

Ordinary words
WordStack effect
<pull-xml>( -- pull-xml )
bytes>xml( byte-array -- xml )
each-element( stream quot: ( xml-elem -- ) -- )
file>dtd( filename -- dtd )
file>xml( filename -- xml )
pull-elem( pull -- xml-elem/f )
pull-event( pull -- xml-event/f )
read-dtd( stream -- dtd )
read-xml( stream -- xml )
read-xml-chunk( stream -- seq )
string>dtd( string -- dtd )
string>xml( string -- xml )
string>xml-chunk( string -- xml )

Class predicate words
WordStack effect
pull-xml?( object -- ? )


Children from resource:basis
xml.autoencodingImplements the automatic detection of encodings of XML documents
xml.char-classesXML-related character classes
xml.dataContains XML data types and basic tools for manipulation
xml.dtdImplements the parsing of directives in DTDs
xml.elementsImplements the parsing of XML tags
xml.entitiesContains built-in XML entities
xml.errorsXML parsing errors
xml.nameImplements parsing XML names
xml.statePrimitive device for storing the state of the XML parser
xml.syntax'Generic words' that dispatch on XML tag names
xml.testsxml.tests vocabulary
xml.tokenizeBasic tools for parsing XML
xml.traversalUtilities for traversing an XML DOM tree
xml.writerTools for printing XML, including prettyprinting

xml.privatexml.private vocabulary