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Children from resource:basis
atkAtk binding
cairoCairo graphics library binding
cocoaObjective C/Cocoa bridge
core-foundationBinding to Mac OS X CoreFoundation library
core-foundation.arraysWrapper for CFArray data type
core-foundation.bundlesWrapper for CFBundle data type
core-foundation.dataWrapper for various CF data types
core-foundation.file-descriptorsWrapper for CFFileDescriptor
core-foundation.stringsWrapper for CFString
core-foundation.timersWrapper for CFTimer
core-foundation.urlsWrapper for CFURL
core-graphicsBinding to Mac OS X Core Graphics library
core-textBinding for Mac OS X Core Text library
gdk2Gdk binding
gdk2.glGdkGLExt binding
gdk2.pixbufGdkPixbuf binding
gioGIO binding
glibGLib binding
gmoduleGModule binding
gobjectGObject binding
gobject-introspectionGObjectIntrospection support
gtk2Gtk binding
gtk2.glGtkGLExt binding
iokitBindings to Apple IOKit device interface
iokit.hidHID Manager bindings
libcManual memory management for interfacing with C
math.libmLow-level binding to math functions in the C standard library
openglOpenGL binding
opengl.capabilitiesTesting for OpenGL versions and extensions
opengl.framebuffersRendering to offscreen textures using the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension
opengl.glOpenGL binding - libGL
opengl.shadersOpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) support
opensslOpenSSL binding
openssl.libcryptoLow-level FFI binding to libcrypto
pangoPango binding
pango.cairoPangoCairo binding
unixBindings to library and system calls found on Unix-like systems
windowsMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7 API bindings
windows.comCOM interface
windows.com.syntaxParsing words for defining COM interfaces
windows.com.wrapperWrap Factor objects with implementations of COM interfaces
windows.ddk.hidBindings to the HID section of the Windows DDK
windows.ddk.setupapiBindings to the SetupAPI section of the Windows DDK.
windows.ddk.winusbBindings to the USB section of the Windows DDK.
windows.directx.audiodefsDirectX audio bindings. Corresponds to audiodefs.h.
windows.directx.d2d1Direct2D bindings. Corresponds to d2d1.h.
windows.directx.d2dbasetypesDirect2D bindings. Corresponds to d2dbasetypes.h.
windows.directx.d2derrDirect2D bindings. Corresponds to d2derr.h.
windows.directx.d3d10Direct3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to D3D10.h.
windows.directx.d3d10_1Direct3D 10.1 bindings. Corresponds to d3d10_1.h.
windows.directx.d3d10_1shaderDirect3D 10.1 bindings. Corresponds to d3d10_1shader.h.
windows.directx.d3d10effectDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3d10effect.h.
windows.directx.d3d10miscDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3d10misc.h.
windows.directx.d3d10shaderDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to D3D10shader.h.
windows.directx.d3d11Direct3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to D3D11.h.
windows.directx.d3d11shaderDirect3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to D3D11Shader.h.
windows.directx.d3d9DirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3d9.h.
windows.directx.d3d9capsDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3d9caps.h.
windows.directx.d3d9typesDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3d9types.h.
windows.directx.d3dcommonCommon constants. Corresponds to d3dcommon.h.
windows.directx.d3dcompilerShader compiler bindings. Corresponds to d3dcompiler.h.
windows.directx.d3dcsxDirectCompute bindings. Corresponds to d3dcsx.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10Direct3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10asyncDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10async.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10coreDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10core.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10mathDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10math.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10meshDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10mesh.h.
windows.directx.d3dx10texDirect3D 10 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx10tex.h.
windows.directx.d3dx11Direct3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx11.h.
windows.directx.d3dx11asyncDirect3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx11async.h.
windows.directx.d3dx11coreDirect3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx11core.h.
windows.directx.d3dx11texDirect3D 11 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx11tex.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9DirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9animDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9anim.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9coreDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9core.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9effectDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9effect.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9mathDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9math.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9meshDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9mesh.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9shaderDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9shader.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9shapeDirectX 9 bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9shape.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9texDirectX 9 texture library bindings. Corresponds to d3dx9tex.h.
windows.directx.d3dx9xofFile library bindings for DirectX. Corresponds to d3dx9xof.h.
windows.directx.dcommonCommon DirectX constants. Corresponds to dcommon.h.
windows.directx.dinputDirectInput bindings
windows.directx.dwriteBindings to DirectWrite text rendering. Corresponds to dwrite.h.
windows.directx.dxfileBindings to DirectX file abstraction. Corresponds to dxfile.h.
windows.directx.dxgiBindings to the DirectX Graphics Infrastructure. Corresponds to DXGI.h.
windows.directx.dxgiformatBindings to the DirectX Graphics Infrastructure. Corresponds to DXGIFormat.h.
windows.directx.dxgitypeBindings to the DirectX Graphics Infrastructure. Corresponds to DXGIType.h.
windows.directx.x3daudioX3DAudio bindings. Corresponds to x3daudio.h.
windows.directx.xact3XACT3 bindings. Corresponds to xact3.h.
windows.directx.xapoXAPO bindings. Corresponds to xapo.h.
windows.directx.xapofxXAPOFX bindings. Corresponds to xapofx.h.
windows.directx.xaudio2XAudio2 bindings. Corresponds to xaudio2.h.
windows.directx.xaudio2fxConstants and types for XAudio2. Corresponds to xaudio2fx.h.
windows.directx.xinputXInput bindings for using the Xbox 360 controller. Corresponds to XInput.h.
x11X11 Xlib and GLX bindings
x11.glxGLX (X11 OpenGL) binding
x11.ximX11 input method support
x11.xlibXlib binding

Children from resource:extra
clutterClutter binding
elevateCross-platform API for elevated permissions
freetypeFreeType text rendering library binding
gdbmGNU DataBase Manager
gstreamerGStreamer binding
libtls.ffiRaw bindings to the high-level libtls bindings in LibreSSL
libudevBindings to libudev
libusbBindings to libusb
math.blas.ffiLow-level bindings to the Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) library
math.blas.matricesBLAS level 2 and 3 matrix-vector and matrix-matrix operations
math.blas.vectorsBLAS level 1 vector operations
oggOgg media library binding
openalOpenAL 3D audio library binding
openclHigh-level vocabulary for using OpenCL
opencl.ffiBindings to OpenCL
opengl.gluOpenGL binding - libGLU
pythonPython interface
raylibBindings for Raylib 4.5
readlinelibreadline bindings
sodiumThe Sodium crypto library