Vocabularies by Joe Groff
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Children from resource:core
hashtables.identityHashtables keyed by object identity (eq?) rather than by logical value (=)
lexerFactor source code lexer

Children from resource:basis
alien.parserUtilities used in implementation of alien parsing words
classes.structTuple-like access to structured raw memory
cpu.x86.assemblerx86 assembler
cpu.x86.assembler.operandsx86 registers and memory operands
game.inputCross-platform joystick, gamepad, and raw keyboard input
game.input.dinputDirectInput backend for game.input
game.input.iokitIOKit HID Manager backend for game.input
game.input.scancodesScan code constants for HID keyboards
groupingGrouping sequence elements into subsequences
images.loader.cocoaImage loading using MacOS X's native Cocoa APIs
iokitBindings to Apple IOKit device interface
iokit.hidHID Manager bindings
literalsExpression interpolation into sequence literals
math.floats.envIEEE 754 floating-point environment querying and control (exceptions, rounding mode, and denormals)
math.floats.halfHalf-precision float support for FFI
math.matricesMatrix arithmetic
math.vectors.conversionConversion, packing, and unpacking of SIMD vectors
openglOpenGL binding
opengl.capabilitiesTesting for OpenGL versions and extensions
opengl.debugHelper words for breaking and interactively manipulating OpenGL applications
opengl.framebuffersRendering to offscreen textures using the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension
opengl.gl3Forward-compatible subset of OpenGL 3.1
opengl.shadersOpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) support
sequences.complexVirtual sequence wrapper to convert real pairs into complex values
sequences.complex-componentsVirtual sequence wrapper to convert complex values into real value pairs
sequences.productCartesian products of sequences
sequences.unrolledUnrolled fixed-length sequence iteration
tools.deploy.embedEmbed a Factor image into a VM to create a single standalone executable file
tools.deprecationTracking usage of deprecated words
tools.profiler.samplingSampling profiler
typedStrongly-typed word definitions
ui.pixel-formatsCross-platform OpenGL context pixel format specifiers
ui.theme.imagesCommon colors and gradients used by the UI
unix.signalsSignal handling
vocabs.metadataManaging vocabulary author, tag and summary information
windows.comCOM interface
windows.com.syntaxParsing words for defining COM interfaces
windows.com.wrapperWrap Factor objects with implementations of COM interfaces
windows.directx.dinputDirectInput bindings
windows.dragdrop-listenerDrop files onto listener window
windows.dwmapiWindows Vista Desktop Window Manager API functions

Children from resource:extra
alien.data.mapCombinators for mapping over packed binary data
alien.fortranGNU Fortran/G77/F2C alien interface
alien.handlesGenerate integer handle values to allow Factor object references to be passed through the FFI
annotationsCode annotation comment syntax
audioFramework for reading and playing back audio
audio.engineAudio playback engine
audio.loaderRead PCM audio data from uncompressed audio files
audio.vorbisOgg Vorbis audio streaming for audio.engine
bunnyStanford Bunny OpenGL demo
classes.struct.vectoredDerive a tuple of specialized arrays from a struct class
classes.tuple.change-trackingTuple classes that keep track of when they've been modified
envAccess environment variables via the assoc protocol
game.input.demos.joysticksDemonstrate gamepad and joystick input
game.input.demos.key-capsGraphical keyboard diagram
game.loopGame loop
game.models.half-edgeIterators for half-edge geometry structures
game.worldsWorld class that integrates game loop and game input
gpuHigh-level OpenGL-based GPU resource management and rendering library
gpu.buffersBuffers in GPU memory
gpu.demos.bunnyStanford Bunny with shader effects
gpu.demos.raytraceReal-time GPU-accelerated raytracing of reflective spheres
gpu.framebuffersRender targets for GPU operations
gpu.renderExecution of GPU jobs
gpu.shadersGPU programs that control vertex transformation and shading
gpu.stateGPU state manipulation
gpu.texturesMultidimensional image data in GPU memory
gpu.utilMiscellaneous functions useful for GPU library apps
gpu.util.wasdScaffolding for demo scenes that can be explored using FPS-style controls
images.atlasTool for generating an atlas image from an array of images
images.viewer.prettyprintPrettyprint image objects as images
io.encodings.detectHeuristic auto-detection of text encodings and binary files
math.affine-transformsAffine transforms for two-dimensional vectors
math.blas.ffiLow-level bindings to the Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) library
math.blas.matricesBLAS level 2 and 3 matrix-vector and matrix-matrix operations
math.blas.vectorsBLAS level 1 vector operations
math.matrices.extrasMatrix arithmetic - extra and miscellaneous words
math.matrices.simdSIMD accelerated 4x4 matrix math
math.vectors.homogeneousHomogeneous coordinate math
memory.pilesPreallocated raw memory blocks
memory.poolsPreallocated pools of tuple objects
nurbsNURBS curve evaluation
opengl.demo-supportCommon support for OpenGL demos
pair-methodsOrder-insensitive double dispatch generics
pair-rocketH{ "foo" => 1 "bar" => 2 } style literal syntax
quadtreesQuadtree spatial indices
qwPerlish syntax for literal arrays of whitespace-delimited strings (qw{ foo bar })
rolesMixins for tuples
sequences.insertersDirect the output of map-as, filter-as, etc. combinators into existing growable sequences
sequences.n-basedSequence adaptor to treat a sequence as an n-based assoc
sequences.squishSequence flattening with parameterized descent predicate
slots.macrosMacro interface to accessors
spheresDraw pixel-perfect spheres using GLSL shaders
svgParsers for SVG data
terrainWalk around on procedurally generated terrain
twitterWrapper for Twitter web service
variantsSyntax and combinators for manipulating algebraic data types
window-controls-demoOpen windows with different control sets