Vocabularies by Alex Chapman
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Children from resource:basis
circularVirtual sequence presenting a rotation of an underlying sequence
editors.gvimgVim editor integration
editors.vimVim editor integration
html.templates.fhtmlSimple templating engine mixing Factor code with content
openglOpenGL binding
opengl.glOpenGL binding - libGL
refsReferences to keys and values in assocs
sequences.mergedA virtual sequence which merges (interleaves) other sequences.

Children from resource:extra
bankBank account simulator for compound interest calculated daily and paid monthly
couchdbcouchdb vocabulary
digraphsSimple directed graph implementation for topological sorting
gap-bufferGap buffer data structure
jamshredA simple 3d tunnel racing game
jamshred.gamejamshred.game vocabulary
jamshred.gljamshred.gl vocabulary
jamshred.ointjamshred.oint vocabulary
jamshred.playerjamshred.player vocabulary
jamshred.tunneljamshred.tunnel vocabulary
morseConverts between text and morse code, and plays morse code.
opengl.gluOpenGL binding - libGLU
sequences.repeatingsequences.repeating vocabulary
synthSimple sound synthesis using OpenAL.
synth.bufferssynth.buffers vocabulary
synth.examplesynth.example vocabulary
tetrisGraphical Tetris game
tetris.boardtetris.board vocabulary
tetris.gametetris.game vocabulary
tetris.gltetris.gl vocabulary
tetris.piecetetris.piece vocabulary
tetris.tetrominotetris.tetromino vocabulary
treesBinary search trees
trees.avlBalanced AVL trees