Vocabularies by Daniel Ehrenberg
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Children from resource:core
assocsAssociative structure protocol
combinatorsComplex conditionals (cond, case) and generalized dataflow combinators (cleave, spread)
io.encodingsCommon support for ASCII, UTF8 and UTF16 character encodings
io.encodings.asciiASCII encoding for streams
io.encodings.binaryDummy encoding for binary I/O
io.encodings.utf16UTF16 encoding/decoding
io.encodings.utf8UTF8 encoding/decoding
io.filesReading and writing files
vocabs.parserUtilities for parsing and defining words

Children from resource:basis
circularVirtual sequence presenting a rotation of an underlying sequence
classes.structTuple-like access to structured raw memory
columnsVirtual sequence view of a matrix column
compiler.cfg.dceDead code elimination
compiler.cfg.def-useCommon code used by several passes for def-use analysis
compiler.cfg.write-barrierWrite barrier elimination
compiler.tree.modular-arithmeticModular arithmetic optimization
delegateDelegation and mimicking on top of the Factor object system
delegate.protocolsVarious core protocols for use with delegation
farkupSimple markup language for generating HTML
globsUnix shell-style glob pattern matching
html.componentsHTML components for form rendering and validation
imagesBitmap images
interval-mapsInterval maps for disjoint closed ranges
inverseInvertible quotations
io.crlfWriting with and reading until \r\n
io.encodings.8-bitDefinitions of 8-bit encodings like ISO 8859 and Windows 1252
io.encodings.euc-jpEUC-JP text encoding
io.encodings.gb18030GB18030 encoding for Chinese text
io.encodings.ianaTables for IANA encoding names
io.encodings.iso2022ISO-2022-JP-1 text encoding
io.encodings.johabJohab Korean text encoding
io.encodings.shift-jisJapanese text encodings
io.encodings.strictStrict wrapper for encodings
io.encodings.stringConverting strings to byte arrays and vice versa
io.encodings.utf32UTF32 encoding/decoding
io.socketsClient and server TCP/IP sockets, UDP/IP datagram sockets
lcsLevenshtein distance and diff between sequences
math.bitsVirtual sequence for bits of an integer
multilineMultiline string literals
persistent.dequesPersistent amortized O(1) deques
persistent.heapsDatastructure for functional peristent heaps, from ML for the Working Programmer
quoted-printableQuoted printable encoding/decoding
regexpRegular expressions
regexp.combinatorsCombinators for creating regular expressions
sequences.deepSequence/tree combinators like deep-map, deep-each, etc
smtpSending mail via SMTP
sorting.insertionInsertion sort
stack-checker.known-wordsHard-coded stack effects for primitive words
stack-checker.transformsSupport for compile-time code transformation
syndicationRSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feed parser
unicodeUnicode support
unicode.breaksUnicode grapheme and word breaking
unicode.caseUnicode case conversion
unicode.categoriesParsing words used by Unicode implementation
unicode.dataParsing Unicode data files
unicode.normalizeUnicode string normalization
unicode.scriptReads the UCD to get the script of a code point
wrapWord wrapping
xmlXML reader and writer
xml-rpcXML RPC client and server
xml.autoencodingImplements the automatic detection of encodings of XML documents
xml.char-classesXML-related character classes
xml.dataContains XML data types and basic tools for manipulation
xml.dtdImplements the parsing of directives in DTDs
xml.elementsImplements the parsing of XML tags
xml.entitiesContains built-in XML entities
xml.entities.htmlStandard HTML entities
xml.errorsXML parsing errors
xml.nameImplements parsing XML names
xml.statePrimitive device for storing the state of the XML parser
xml.syntax'Generic words' that dispatch on XML tag names
xml.tokenizeBasic tools for parsing XML
xml.traversalUtilities for traversing an XML DOM tree
xml.writerTools for printing XML, including prettyprinting

Children from resource:extra
descriptiveDescriptive errors generated automatically for specially defined words
hello-unicodeModern "Hello world" which demonstrates various Unicode scripts
rot13Rot13 demo
treesBinary search trees
trees.avlBalanced AVL trees
trees.splaySplay trees
yahooYahoo! search example using XML