Vocabularies tagged “web”
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Children from resource:basis
base64Base64 encoding/decoding (RFC 3548)
farkupSimple markup language for generating HTML
furnaceFurnace web framework
furnace.actionsActions and form validation
furnace.alloyConvenience responder combines several features
furnace.asidesAsides start an interaction which can return to the original page
furnace.auth.features.deactivate-userAllow users to deactivate their accounts
furnace.auth.features.edit-profileAllow users to edit account info
furnace.auth.features.recover-passwordAllow users to receive a new password
furnace.auth.features.registrationAllow new users to register from the login page
furnace.auth.loginLogin page authentication
furnace.auth.login.permitsfurnace.auth.login.permits vocabulary
furnace.auth.providersPluggable authentication backends
furnace.auth.providers.dbLook up user credentials in the database
furnace.boilerplateAdding common headers/footers to pages
furnace.cacheShared code for storing session state in the database
furnace.chloe-tagsFurnace-specific Chloe tags
furnace.conversationsRetaining state between form submissions and redirects
furnace.dbDatabase connection pooling
furnace.recaptchaRecaptcha library
furnace.redirectionVarious forms of URL redirection
furnace.referrerReferrer checking
furnace.scopesShared code for storing scopes in the database
furnace.sessionsSession management
furnace.syndicationAtom feed syndication
furnace.utilitiesOdds and ends
html.componentsHTML components for form rendering and validation
html.formsHTML form rendering and validation
html.streamsHTML implementation of formatted output stream protocol
html.templatesHTML templating engine interface
html.templates.chloeXHTML templating engine with extensible compiler and separation of concerns
html.templates.fhtmlSimple templating engine mixing Factor code with content
httpCommon code shared by HTTP client and server
http.clientHTTP client
http.serverHTTP server
http.server.dispatchersDispatcher responder for dispaching requests to a set of child responders
http.server.filtersFilter responders which wrap an underlying responder
http.server.redirectionRedirection responses which redirect the client to another URL
http.server.remappingSupport for port remapping
http.server.responsesConstructing various simple responses
quoted-printableQuoted printable encoding/decoding
syndicationRSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feed parser
urlsTools for working with URLs (uniform resource locators)
urls.encodingURL and form encoding/decoding
validatorsValue validation for the web framework
xmlXML reader and writer
xml-rpcXML RPC client and server

Children from resource:extra
cgiSupport using Factor in CGI scripts
fastcgifastcgi vocabulary
html.elementsRendering HTML with a familiar look and feel
lisppasteXML-RPC interface to http://paste.lisp.org
oauth1oauth1 vocabulary
oauth2oauth2 vocabulary
s3Amazon S3 Wrapper
webapps.blogswebapps.blogs vocabulary
webapps.calculatorwebapps.calculator vocabulary
webapps.counterwebapps.counter vocabulary
webapps.fjscWeb interface for Factor to Javascript compiler
webapps.pastebinwebapps.pastebin vocabulary
webapps.planetwebapps.planet vocabulary
webapps.todowebapps.todo vocabulary
webapps.user-adminwebapps.user-admin vocabulary
webapps.wee-urlwebapps.wee-url vocabulary
webapps.wikiwebapps.wiki vocabulary
yahooYahoo! search example using XML