Children from resource:basis
colorsColors as a first-class data type
colors.cmykCMYK colors
colors.constantsA utility to look up colors in the X11 rgb.txt color database
colors.grayGrayscale colors
colors.hexHexadecimal colors
colors.hslHSL colors
colors.hsvHue-saturation-value colors
colors.labCIE 1976 LAB colors
colors.lchCIELCH colors
colors.luvCIE 1976 LUV colors
colors.mixMixing colors together
colors.rybRYB colors
colors.xyyCIE 1931 xyY colors
colors.xyzCIE 1931 XYZ colors
colors.yiqYIQ colors
colors.yuvYUV colors

Children from resource:extra
colors.distancesColor distance (or Color difference)
colors.flex-hex"Flex hex" colors