Children from resource:core
frySyntax for pictured partial application and composition
generalizationsGeneralized stack shufflers and combinators to arbitrary numbers of inputs

Children from resource:basis
editors.emacsEmacs editor integration
help.vocabsBrowsing vocabularies
openglOpenGL binding
unixBindings to library and system calls found on Unix-like systems
unix.processunix.process vocabulary
x11X11 Xlib and GLX bindings
x11.XBindings for /usr/include/X11/X.h constants
x11.clipboardX11 clipboard access utilities
x11.eventsXlib events
x11.glxGLX (X11 OpenGL) binding
x11.windowsXlib window management utilities
x11.xlibXlib binding

Children from resource:extra
boidsArtificial life program simulating the flocking behaviour of birds
boids.simulationboids.simulation vocabulary
masonContinuous build system for Factor
pongpong vocabulary
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet