Children from resource:basis
editors.emacsEmacs editor integration
frySyntax for pictured partial application and composition
generalizationsGeneralized stack shufflers and combinators to arbitrary numbers of inputs
help.vocabsBrowsing vocabularies
openglOpenGL binding
unixBindings to library and system calls found on Unix-like systems
unix.processunix.process vocabulary
x11X11 Xlib and GLX bindings
x11.XBindings for /usr/include/X11/X.h constants
x11.clipboardX11 clipboard access utilities
x11.eventsXlib events
x11.glxGLX (X11 OpenGL) binding
x11.windowsXlib window management utilities
x11.xlibXlib binding

Children from resource:extra
boidsArtificial life program simulating the flocking behaviour of birds
boids.simulationboids.simulation vocabulary
masonContinuous build system for Factor
pongpong vocabulary
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet