Vocabularies by Bruno Deferrari
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Children from resource:core
vocabs.parserUtilities for parsing and defining words

Children from resource:extra
irc.clientAn IRC client framework
irc.client.chatsIRC Client and Chat object definitions
irc.client.internalsIRC Client internals
irc.client.participantsIRC Client chat participants handling
irc.logbotAn IRC logging bot
irc.logbot.log-lineIRC message formatting for logs
irc.messagesIRC message definitions
irc.messages.baseIRC messages base implementation
irc.messages.parserBasic parser for irc messages
redisWords for communicating with the Redis key-value database
redis.assocAssoc protocol implementation for Redis
redis.command-writerDefinitions of messages sent to Redis
redis.response-parserParser for responses sent by the Redis server
tokyo.abstractdbHigher level API for Tokyo Cabinet's Abstract database API. Implements the associative protocol.
tokyo.alien.tcadbBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's Abstract database API
tokyo.alien.tcbdbBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's B+ Tree database API
tokyo.alien.tcfdbBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's Fixed Length database API
tokyo.alien.tchdbBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's Hash database API
tokyo.alien.tcrdbBindings for Tokyo Tyrant's Remote database API
tokyo.alien.tctdbBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's Table database API
tokyo.alien.tcutilBindings for Tokyo Cabinet's Utils API
tokyo.assoc-functorFunctor used to implement the assoc protocol on the different db apis in Tokyo
tokyo.remotedbHigher level API for Tokyo Tyrant's Remote database API. Implements the associative protocol.
tokyo.utilsSome utility words used by the tokyo vocabs