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The graphical inspector provides functionality similar to the terminal inspector (see The inspector), adding in-place editing of slot values.

To display an object in the UI inspector, right-click a presentation and choose Inspector from the menu that appears. The inspector can also be opened from the listener using a word:
inspector ( obj -- )

Objects may extend the inspector window with a content gadget, in order to provide a rich representation of the object's content in the inspector.
content-gadget ( object -- gadget/f )

The inspector embeds a table gadget, which supports keyboard navigation; see Table gadgets. It also provides a few other commands:

Toolbar commands
EEdit Slotcom-edit-slot
F1Inspector Helpinspector-help

Multi Touch commands
Swipe upRefreshcom-refresh

The UI inspector is an instance of inspector-gadget.
Editing slot values in the inspector