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The browser is used to display Factor code, documentation, and vocabularies. The browser is opened when a word or article link presentation is clicked. It can also be opened using words:
com-browse ( link -- )

browser-window ( -- )

Toolbar commands
F1Browser Helpbrowser-help

Scrolling commands
The browser's scroller can be scrolled from the keyboard.
UPScroll Upcom-scroll-up
DOWNScroll Downcom-scroll-down
PAGE_UPPage Upcom-page-up
PAGE_DOWNPage Downcom-page-down

Navigation commands
Commands for navigating in the article hierarchy
⌘KShow Outgoing Linkscom-show-outgoing-links
⇧⌘KShow Incoming Linkscom-show-incoming-links
⌘FBrowser Focus Searchbrowser-focus-search

Multi Touch commands
Swipe leftBackcom-back
Swipe rightForwardcom-forward

Browsers are instances of browser-gadget.