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The ui.gadgets.tables vocabulary implements table gadgets. Table gadgets display a grid of values, with each row's columns generated by a renderer object.

Tables display a model as a series of rows. The model must be a sequence, and a renderer creates a sequence of columns for each row. Tables are built from and inherit all features of Gadget line support.

Row commands
Press Button 3Show Table Menushow-table-menu
RETRow Actionrow-action
UPPrevious Rowprevious-row
⌃PPrevious Rowprevious-row
DOWNNext Rownext-row
⌃NNext Rownext-row
HOMEFirst Rowfirst-row
ENDLast Rowlast-row
PAGE_UPPrevious Pageprevious-page
PAGE_DOWNNext Pagenext-page

The class of tables:

table? ( object -- ? )

Creating new tables:
<table> ( rows renderer -- table )

Table row renderer protocol
Table row selection
Table row actions
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