n*V(*)Vconj+M ( alpha x y A -- alpha*x(*)yconj+A )
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alphaa number
xa blas-vector-base
ya blas-vector-base
Aa blas-matrix-base

alpha*x(*)yconj+Aa blas-matrix-base

Word description
Calculate the conjugate outer product αx⊗y̅ + A and return a freshly allocated matrix containing the result. The width of A must match the length of y, and its height must match the length of x. The returned matrix will have the same dimensions as A. Corresponds to the xGERC routines in BLAS.

See also
n*V(*)V+M!, n*V(*)Vconj+M!, n*V(*)V+M, n*V(*)V, n*V(*)Vconj, V(*), V(*)conj, V., V.conj