n*M.M+n*M ( alpha A B beta C -- alpha*A.B+beta*C )
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS) interface » BLAS interface matrix operations

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alphaa number
Aa blas-matrix-base
Ba blas-matrix-base
betaa number
Ca blas-matrix-base

alpha*A.B+beta*Ca blas-matrix-base

Word description
Calculate the matrix product αAB + βC and overwrite the current contents of C with the result. The width of A and the height of B must match, as must the heights of A and C, and the widths of B and C. Corresponds to the xGEMM routines in BLAS.

See also
n*M.M+n*M!, n*M.M, M.


: n*M.M+n*M ( alpha A B beta C -- alpha*A.B+beta*C )
clone n*M.M+n*M! ;