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Class description
The multisample-state controls whether and how multisampling occurs.
The multisample? slot is a boolean value that determines whether multisampling is enabled.
The sample-alpha-to-coverage? slot is a boolean value that determines whether sample coverage values are determined from their alpha components.
The sample-alpha-to-one? slot is a boolean value that determines whether a sample's alpha value is replaced with one after its alpha-based coverage is calculated.
The sample-coverage slot is an optional float value that is used to calculate another coverage value that is then combined with the alpha-based coverage. If f, the alpha-based coverage is untouched.
The invert-sample-coverage? slot is a boolean value that, if true, indicates that the coverage value derived from sample-coverage should be inverted before being combined.

See also
<multisample-state>, get-multisample-state


TUPLE: multisample-state
{ multisample? boolean read-only initial: f }
{ sample-alpha-to-coverage? boolean read-only initial: f }
{ sample-alpha-to-one? boolean read-only initial: f }
{ sample-coverage maybe{ float } read-only initial: f }
{ invert-sample-coverage? boolean read-only initial: f } ;