Game worlds

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Class description
Extends the world-attributes tuple class with extra attributes for game-worlds:
tick-interval-nanos specifies the number of nanoseconds between consecutive calls to the world's tick-game-world method by the game loop. An integer greater than zero must be provided.
use-game-input? specifies whether the game world should initialize the game.input library for use by the game. False by default.
use-audio-engine? specifies whether the game world should manage an audio-engine instance. False by default.
audio-engine-device specifies the string name of the OpenAL device the audio engine, if any, should try to open. The default value of f attempts to open the default OpenAL device.
audio-engine-voice-count determines the number of independent voices the audio engine will make available. This determines how many individual audio clips can play simultaneously. This cannot exceed the OpenAL implementation's limit on supported voices.


TUPLE: game-attributes < world-attributes
{ tick-interval-nanos integer initial: 0 }
{ use-game-input? boolean initial: f }
{ use-audio-engine? boolean initial: f } audio-engine-device
{ audio-engine-voice-count initial: 16 } ;