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Class description
Represents a Graphviz edge. Each edge is defined by its tail slot and its head slot. Each slot must be either
a string representing the id of a node or
a subgraph, which is a convenient way to represent multiple Graphviz edges.

In particular, using subgraphs gives us shorthand forms for the following cases:
head is a string...head is a subgraph...
tail is a string...edge from tail node to head nodeedge from tail node to each node in head
tail is a subgraph...edge from each node in tail to head nodeedge from each node in tail to each node in head

In addition, an edge may store local attributes in its attributes slot (an edge-attributes tuple).

By convention, an edge orders its endpoints "from" tail "to" head, even if it belongs to an undirected graph, where such a distinction is generally meaningless. See the Graphviz documentation (https://graphviz.org/Documentation.php), and specifically the notes about ambiguous attributes (in https://graphviz.org/content/attrs) for more information.

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