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Class description
buffer-kind values tell the graphics driver what the primary application of a buffer object will be. Note that any buffer can be used for any purpose; however, performance may be improved if a buffer object is constructed as the same kind as its primary use case.
A vertex-buffer is used to store vertex attribute data to be rendered as part of a vertex array.
An index-buffer is used to store indexes into a vertex array.
A pixel-unpack-buffer is used as a source for updating texture image data.
A pixel-pack-buffer is used as a destination for reading texture or framebuffer image data.
A transform-feedback-buffer is used as a destination for transform feedback output from a vertex shader.

The pixel-unpack-buffer and pixel-pack-buffer kinds require OpenGL 2.1 or the GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object extension.

See also
buffer-upload-pattern, buffer-usage-pattern