Vocabularies tagged "tools"
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Children from resource:core
definitionsDefinition protocol and cross-referencing
memoryHeap introspection support

Children from resource:basis
bootstrap.imageBootstrap image generation
editorsEditor integration
help.lintHelp lint tool
help.vocabsBrowsing vocabularies
inspectorTerminal-based object viewer and editor
listenerTerminal-based interactive code evaluator
prettyprintFactor source code prettyprinter
stack-checkerStack effect inference
tools.annotationsSupport for breakpoints and watchpoints on words
tools.crossrefInspecting definition usages
tools.deployDeploying minimal stand-alone images
tools.deploy.macosDeploying minimal stand-alone macOS application bundles
tools.deploy.unixDeploying minimal stand-alone binaries on *nix-like systems
tools.deploy.windowsDeploying minimal stand-alone Windows executables
tools.memoryData and code heap introspection tools
tools.psProcess listing utility
tools.testUnit test framework
tools.timeTiming code execution
ui.toolsGraphical developer tools
ui.tools.browserGraphical help browser
ui.tools.debuggerGraphical error display
ui.tools.inspectorGraphical object viewer and editor
ui.tools.listenerGraphical code evaluator
ui.tools.walkerGraphical code single stepper

Children from resource:extra
annotationsCode annotation comment syntax
classes.hierarchyPrint a class hierarchy
help.lint.coverageDocumentation coverage linter
project-euler.ave-timeAveraging code execution times
tools.image.compressorcompress Factor image file for loading by the VM
tools.image.uncompressoruncompress compressed Factor image files
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet
tty-server.sharedConnect to a *shared* Factor listener through telnet