Vocabularies tagged “text”
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Children from resource:core
io.encodingsCommon support for ASCII, UTF8 and UTF16 character encodings
sbufsGrowable string buffers
splittingSplitting sequences and grouping sequence elements
stringsFixed-size character arrays

Children from resource:basis
asciiASCII character classes
csvCSV parser
englishEnglish language
farkupSimple markup language for generating HTML
formattingFormat data according to a specified format string
htmlHTML utilities
io.encodings.stringConverting strings to byte arrays and vice versa
pegParsing expression grammar and packrat parser
peg.ebnfDeclarative EBNF language for writing PEG parsers
peg.parsersAdditional PEG parsers
porter-stemmerPorter stemming algorithm
regexpRegular expressions
simple-tokenizerSimple string tokenizer
sorting.humanCorrect sorting of sequences of strings with embedded numbers
trFast character-to-character translation of ASCII strings
unicodeUnicode support
unicode.breaksUnicode grapheme and word breaking
unicode.caseUnicode case conversion
unicode.categoriesParsing words used by Unicode implementation
unicode.collationUnicode string comparison and sorting (collation)
unicode.dataParsing Unicode data files
unicode.normalizeUnicode string normalization
unicode.scriptReads the UCD to get the script of a code point
wrapWord wrapping

Children from resource:extra
boyer-mooreBoyer-Moore string search algorithm
flip-textTurns text upside-down.
morseConverts between text and morse code, and plays morse code.
pcrelibpcre binding
soundexPhonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound
spellingPeter Norvig's spelling corrector
text-analysisPerform analysis on English text.
text-to-speechText-to-speech utility