Vocabularies tagged “sequences”
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Children from resource:core
sequencesSequence protocol, combinators and utilities

Children from resource:basis
circularVirtual sequence presenting a rotation of an underlying sequence
sequences.complexVirtual sequence wrapper to convert real pairs into complex values
sequences.complex-componentsVirtual sequence wrapper to convert complex values into real value pairs
sequences.productCartesian products of sequences
splitting.monotonicSplit a sequence into monotonically-increasing subsequences
trFast character-to-character translation of ASCII strings

Children from resource:extra
gap-bufferGap buffer data structure
sequences.extrasContains sequence operations that are not commonly needed. Most of these words are elaborations on functions already available in the main sequences vocabulary.
sequences.frozenVirtual "frozen" sequences
sequences.insertersDirect the output of map-as, filter-as, etc. combinators into existing growable sequences
sequences.interleavedInterleaved sequences
sequences.n-basedSequence adaptor to treat a sequence as an n-based assoc
sequences.paddedVirtual "padded" sequences
sequences.rotatedRotated virtual sequences
sequences.shiftedShifted virtual sequences
sequences.snippedSnipped virtual sequences
sequences.squishSequence flattening with parameterized descent predicate
sequences.zippedVirtual "zip" sequences