Vocabularies tagged “network”
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Children from resource:basis
ftpCommon code shared by FTP client and server
ftp.clientFTP client
ftp.serverFTP server
httpCommon code shared by HTTP client and server
http.clientHTTP client
http.serverHTTP server
io.poolsAbstract connection pooling
io.serversMulti-threaded TCP/IP servers
io.socketsClient and server TCP/IP sockets, UDP/IP datagram sockets
io.sockets.icmpSupport for ICMP.
io.sockets.secureSecure sockets (SSL, TLS)
ntpClient for NTP protocol
opensslOpenSSL binding
smtpSending mail via SMTP
urlsTools for working with URLs (uniform resource locators)

Children from resource:extra
bitcoin.clientClient for getting information from a bitcoin server
cgiSupport using Factor in CGI scripts
curlBindings to libcurl
file-serverCommand-line HTTP file server
geminiGemini client
gemini.serverGemini server
gopherGopher client
gopher.serverGopher server
imapReading mailboxes using IMAP
irc.clientAn IRC client framework
lisppasteXML-RPC interface to http://paste.lisp.org
pop3Retrieve mail via POP3
stompSTOMP (Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol) client library
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet
tty-server.sharedConnect to a *shared* Factor listener through telnet