Vocabularies tagged “graphics”
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Children from resource:basis
cairoCairo graphics library binding
imagesBitmap images
images.loaderLoading bitmap images from files
images.normalizationimages.normalization vocabulary
images.processingimages.processing vocabulary
opengl.capabilitiesTesting for OpenGL versions and extensions
pangoPango binding

Children from resource:extra
clutterClutter binding
freetypeFreeType text rendering library binding
gmlgml vocabulary
images.atlasTool for generating an atlas image from an array of images
images.bitmapWindows BMP image loader
images.pngimages.png vocabulary
images.tgaimages.tga vocabulary
images.tiffTIFF image loader
math.affine-transformsAffine transforms for two-dimensional vectors
quadtreesQuadtree spatial indices
svgParsers for SVG data
terrainWalk around on procedurally generated terrain
ui.gadgets.chartsui.gadgets.charts vocabulary
ui.gadgets.charts.demosui.gadgets.charts.demos vocabulary