Children from resource:basis
mime.typesMIME types database

Children from resource:extra
bencodeSupport for bencoding.
cborSupport for Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)
crontabParser for crontab files
dbfParsers for various dBase database files
elfConstants and structs related to the ELF object format.
etc-hostsParsing the /etc/hosts file
id3id3 vocabulary
images.gifGIF image file format
ini-fileParses INI configuration files.
msgpackSupport for msgpack protocol.
oggOgg media library binding
ogg.theoraOgg Theora video library binding
ogg.vorbisOgg Vorbis audio library binding
pdfCreating PDF files
resolv-confresolv-conf vocabulary
tools.image-analyzertools.image-analyzer vocabulary
txonTXON ( reader and writer
yamlyaml vocabulary