Vocabularies tagged “extensions”
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Children from resource:core
combinators.short-circuitShort-circuiting logical operations
frySyntax for pictured partial application and composition
localsEfficient named local variables and lexical closures
macrosUtility for defining compiler transforms

Children from resource:basis
alien.syntaxC library interface parsing words
combinators.short-circuit.smartShort-circuiting logical operations which infer the arity
combinators.smartCombinators which infer arities
constructorsUtility to simplify tuple constructors
delegateDelegation and mimicking on top of the Factor object system
functorsFirst-class syntax
help.syntaxParsing words for defining help articles
hintsSyntax sugar for the Factor compiler's specializer hints facility
interpolateInterpolating variable values into strings
inverseInvertible quotations
lists.lazyLazy lists
literalsExpression interpolation into sequence literals
matchML-style pattern matching
modelsObservable slots which can be composed in various ways
peg.ebnfDeclarative EBNF language for writing PEG parsers
promisesLazy thunks
shuffleAdditional shuffle words
xml.syntax'Generic words' that dispatch on XML tag names

Children from resource:extra
coroutinesCoroutines implementation
descriptiveDescriptive errors generated automatically for specially defined words
generatorsGenerators implementation
infixSupport for infix notation in Factor programs
monadsHaskell-style monads
multi-methodsExperimental multiple dispatch implementation
partial-continuationsPartial continuations - breset/bshift