Vocabularies tagged “demos”
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Children from resource:extra
24-game24-game vocabulary
boidsArtificial life program simulating the flocking behaviour of birds
bubble-chamberbubble-chamber vocabulary
bunnyStanford Bunny OpenGL demo
color-pickerColor picker gadget demo
color-tablecolor-table vocabulary
contributorsContributor patch counts from git
game-of-lifeConway's Game of Life
game.input.demos.key-capsGraphical keyboard diagram
gpu.demos.bunnyStanford Bunny with shader effects
gpu.demos.raytraceReal-time GPU-accelerated raytracing of reflective spheres
hello-uiGraphical hello world demo
hello-unicodeModern "Hello world" which demonstrates various Unicode scripts
hello-worldTextual hello world demo
jamshredA simple 3d tunnel racing game
lcd7-segment LCD clock demo
mazeMaze generator demo
minesweeperMinesweeper game
neheNeHe OpenGL tutorials ported to Factor
numbers-gameNumber guessing game demo
pongpong vocabulary
roms.balloon-bomberIntel 8080-based Balloon Bomber arcade machine emulator
roms.space-invadersIntel 8080-based Space Invaders arcade machine emulator
rot13Rot13 demo
rpnSimple RPN calculator
snake-gamesnake-game vocabulary
spheresDraw pixel-perfect spheres using GLSL shaders
sudokuSudoku solver demo
talks.chicago-talkSlides for a talk at the Pycon VM Summit, Chicago, IL, March 2009
talks.galois-talkSlides from a talk at Galois by Slava Pestov, October 2008
talks.google-tech-talkSlides from Google Tech Talk by Slava Pestov, October 2008
talks.minneapolis-talkSlides for a talk at Ruby.mn, Minneapolis, MN, January 2008
talks.otug-talkSlides from a talk at OTUG by Slava Pestov, December 2008
talks.vpri-talkSlides from a talk at VPRI by Slava Pestov, October 2008
terrainWalk around on procedurally generated terrain
tetrisGraphical Tetris game
tty-serverConnect to a Factor listener through telnet
ui.gadgets.charts.demosui.gadgets.charts.demos vocabulary