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Children from resource:core
arraysFixed-size arrays
assocsAssociative structure protocol
byte-arraysEfficient fixed-length byte arrays
byte-vectorsGrowable byte arrays
graphsDirected graphs
growableLow-level implementation of vectors and string buffers
hash-setsSet structure with constant-time addition and removal
hashtablesAssociative structure with expected constant time lookup
hashtables.identityHashtables keyed by object identity (eq?) rather than by logical value (=)
hashtables.wrappedWrapped hashtables for providing alternate key equivalence
makeSequence construction utility
namespacesDynamically-scoped variables
quotationsCode quotations, essentially executable fixed-size arrays
sbufsGrowable string buffers
sequencesSequence protocol, combinators and utilities
setsSet-theoretic operations on sequences
sortingMerge sort for sequences
splittingSplitting sequences and grouping sequence elements
stringsFixed-size character arrays
vectorsGrowable arrays

Children from resource:basis
biassocsBidirectional assocs
binary-searchFast searching of sorted arrays
bit-arraysFixed-size bit arrays
bit-setsEfficient bitwise operations on bit arrays
bit-vectorsGrowable bit arrays
bloom-filtersBloom filters
boxesAn abstraction for enforcing a mutual-exclusion invariant
cacheAn associative mapping whose entries expire after a while
circularVirtual sequence presenting a rotation of an underlying sequence
columnsVirtual sequence view of a matrix column
cuckoo-filtersCuckoo filters
dequesDouble-ended queue protocol and common operations
disjoint-setsAn efficient implementation of the disjoint-set data structure
dlistsDouble-linked lists/deques
groupingGrouping sequence elements into subsequences
heapsMaxheap and minheap implementations of priority queues
interval-mapsInterval maps for disjoint closed ranges
linked-assocsAssocs that yield items in insertion order
linked-setsSets that yield items in insertion order
listsImplementation of lisp-style linked lists
lists.lazyLazy lists
mirrorsView any object as an association mapping slots to values
named-tuplesUse tuples like both sequences and assocs
nibble-arraysSpace-efficient arrays of 4-bit values
nmakeGeneralization of make for constructing several sequences simultaneously
persistent.assocsPersistent associative mapping protocol
persistent.dequesPersistent amortized O(1) deques
persistent.hashtablesPersistent hashtables with O(1) insertion, removal and lookup
persistent.heapsDatastructure for functional peristent heaps, from ML for the Working Programmer
persistent.sequencesPersistent sequence protocol
persistent.vectorsImmutable vectors with O(log_32 n) random access, push, and pop
search-dequesDouble-ended queues with sub-linear membership testing
sequences.cordsVirtual sequence concatenation
sequences.deepSequence/tree combinators like deep-map, deep-each, etc
sequences.mergedA virtual sequence which merges (interleaves) other sequences.
sequences.productCartesian products of sequences
sequences.unrolledUnrolled fixed-length sequence iteration
sorting.humanCorrect sorting of sequences of strings with embedded numbers
sorting.insertionInsertion sort
specialized-arraysArrays of unboxed primitive C types
specialized-vectorsVectors of unboxed primitive C types
suffix-arraysSuffix arrays
tuple-arraysEfficient arrays of tuples with value semantics for elements
unrolled-listsDeque implementation with constant-time insertion and removal at either end, and better space efficiency than a double-linked list
xml.dataContains XML data types and basic tools for manipulation

Children from resource:extra
digraphsSimple directed graph implementation for topological sorting
gap-bufferGap buffer data structure
lists.circularCircular sequences as infinite linked lists
lru-cacheLeast Recently Used (LRU) cache
math.primes.listsInfinite stream of prime numbers through lazy lists
pairsAssoc implementation optimized for a single key/value pair
quadtreesQuadtree spatial indices
sequences.frozenVirtual "frozen" sequences
sequences.insertersDirect the output of map-as, filter-as, etc. combinators into existing growable sequences
sequences.interleavedInterleaved sequences
sequences.paddedVirtual "padded" sequences
sequences.rotatedRotated virtual sequences
sequences.shiftedShifted virtual sequences
sequences.snippedSnipped virtual sequences
sequences.squishSequence flattening with parameterized descent predicate
sequences.zippedVirtual "zip" sequences
treesBinary search trees
trees.avlBalanced AVL trees
trees.splaySplay trees