Vocabularies by Chris Double
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Children from resource:basis
channelsCommunicating Sequential Processes
channels.examplesExamples of using Channels
channels.remoteDistributed Channels
concurrency.distributedErlang-style distributed concurrency
concurrency.futuresDeferred computations
concurrency.messagingErlang/Termite-style message-passing concurrency
concurrency.promisesThread-safe write-once variables
db.sqliteSQLite database connector
generalizationsGeneralized stack shufflers and combinators to arbitrary numbers of inputs
html.streamsHTML implementation of formatted output stream protocol
jsonJSON reader and writer
json.readerJSON to Factor serializer
json.writerFactor to JSON serializer
lists.lazyLazy lists
lists.lazy.exampleslists.lazy.examples vocabulary
matchML-style pattern matching
pegParsing expression grammar and packrat parser
peg.ebnfDeclarative EBNF language for writing PEG parsers
peg.searchSearch and replace using parsing expression grammars
promisesLazy thunks
serializeBinary serialization of arbitrary object graphs
shuffleAdditional shuffle words
syndicationRSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feed parser

Children from resource:extra
audio.vorbisOgg Vorbis audio streaming for audio.engine
bitcoin.clientClient for getting information from a bitcoin server
coroutinesCoroutines implementation
cpu.8080Intel 8080 CPU Emulator
cpu.8080.emulatorIntel 8080 CPU Emulator
fjscA 'subset of Factor' to Javascript compiler
html.elementsRendering HTML with a familiar look and feel
neheNeHe OpenGL tutorials ported to Factor
nehe.2nehe.2 vocabulary
nehe.3nehe.3 vocabulary
nehe.4nehe.4 vocabulary
nehe.5nehe.5 vocabulary
odbcODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) binding
oggOgg media library binding
ogg.theoraOgg Theora video library binding
ogg.vorbisOgg Vorbis audio library binding
openalOpenAL 3D audio library binding
openal.alut.backendopenal.alut.backend vocabulary
openal.alut.macosxopenal.alut.macosx vocabulary
openal.alut.otheropenal.alut.other vocabulary
openal.exampleopenal.example vocabulary
parser-combinatorsHaskell-style lazy parser combinators
partial-continuationsPartial continuations - breset/bshift
peg.exprSimple expression evaluator using EBNF
peg.javascriptJavaScript parser
peg.javascript.astAbstract Syntax Tree for JavaScript parser
peg.javascript.parserJavaScript Parser
peg.javascript.tokenizerTokenizer for JavaScript language
peg.pl0Grammar for PL/0 Language
roms.balloon-bomberIntel 8080-based Balloon Bomber arcade machine emulator
roms.lunar-rescueIntel 8080-based Lunar Rescue arcade machine emulator
roms.space-invadersIntel 8080-based Space Invaders arcade machine emulator
s3Amazon S3 Wrapper
webapps.fjscWeb interface for Factor to Javascript compiler