Vocabularies tagged “games”
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Children from resource:basis
game.inputCross-platform joystick, gamepad, and raw keyboard input
game.input.dinputDirectInput backend for game.input
game.input.gtkLinux backend for game input.
game.input.iokitIOKit HID Manager backend for game.input
game.input.scancodesScan code constants for HID keyboards
game.input.x11Linux backend for game input.
game.input.xinputXInput backend for game.input, borrows keyboard and mouse handling from game.input.dinput

Children from resource:extra
24-game24-game vocabulary
balloon-bomberIntel 8080-based Balloon Bomber arcade machine emulator
game.debugSimple shape rendering for visual debugging.
game.input.demos.joysticksDemonstrate gamepad and joystick input
jamshredA simple 3d tunnel racing game
lunar-rescueIntel 8080-based Lunar Rescue arcade machine emulator
space-invadersIntel 8080-based Space Invaders arcade machine emulator
tetrisGraphical Tetris game