Class description
A thread. The slots are as follows:
id - a unique identifier assigned to each thread.
exit-handler - a quotation run when the thread is being stopped.
name - the name passed to spawn.
quot - the initial quotation passed to spawn.
runnable - whether the thread is runnable. Initially it is, f.
state - a string indicating what the thread is waiting for, or f. This slot is intended to be used for debugging purposes.
context - a box holding an alien pointer to the threads context object.

Variable value
Current value in global namespace:


TUPLE: thread
{ name string initial: "" } { quot callable initial: [ ] }
{ exit-handler callable initial: [ ] }
{ id integer initial: 0 } { context box initial: T{ box } }
state runnable mailbox
{ variables hashtable initial: H{ } } sleep-entry ;