set-doc-range ( string from to document -- )
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Inputs and outputs
stringa string
froma pair of integers
toa pair of integers
documenta document

Word description
Replaces all text between two line/column number pairs with string. The string may use either \n, \r\n or \r line separators.

Throws an error if from or to is out of bounds.

Side effects
Modifies document


:: set-doc-range ( string from to document -- )
from to = string empty? and [
string split-lines :> new-lines new-lines from text+loc
:> new-to from to document doc-range
:> old-string old-string string from to new-to <edit>
document add-undo new-lines from to document
[ (set-doc-range) ] change-model
new-to document update-locs
] unless ;