run-pipeline ( seq -- results )

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seqa sequence of pipeline components

resultsa sequence of pipeline results

Word description
Creates a pipe between each pipeline component, with the output of each component becoming the input of the next.

The first component reads input from input-stream and the last component writes output to output-stream.

Each component runs in its own thread, and the word returns when all components finish executing. Each component outputs a result value.

Pipeline components must be one of the following:
A quotation. The quotation is called with both input-stream and output-stream rebound, except for the first and last pipeline components, and it must output a single value.
A process launch descriptor. See Launch descriptors.

Print the lines of a log file which contain the string “error”, sort them and filter out duplicates, using Unix shell commands only:
{ "cat log.txt" "grep error" "sort" "uniq" } run-pipeline