Class description
A POP3 account on a POP3 server. It has the following slots:
#The ephemeral ordinal number of the message.
hostThe name or IP address of the remote host to which a POP3 connection is required.
portThe POP3 server port (defaults to 110).
timeoutMaximum time in minutes to wait for a response from the POP3 server (defaults to 1 minutes).
userThe userID of the account on the POP3 server.
pwdThe clear-text password for the userID.
streamThe duplex input/output stream wrapping the POP3 session.
capaA list of the mail server capabilities.
countNumber of messages in the mailbox.
listA list of every message with its number and size in bytes
uidlsThe UIDL (Unique IDentification Listing) of every message in the mailbox together with its ordinal number.
messagesA sequence of email tuples in the mailbox containing each email's headers, number, uidl, and size.

The host is required; the rest are either set by default or optional.

The user and pwd must either be set before using connect or immediately after it with the >user and >pwd words.


TUPLE: pop3-account
# host port timeout user pwd stream capa count list uidls
messages ;