odbc-describe-column ( statement columnNumber -- column )


statementan ODBC statement handle
columnNumbera column number starting from one

columna column object

Word description
Retrieves column information for the given column number from the statement. The column number must be one or greater. The <column> object returned provides data type, name, etc.

See also
odbc-init, odbc-connect, odbc-disconnect, odbc-prepare, odbc-free-statement, odbc-execute, odbc-next-row, odbc-number-of-columns, odbc-describe-column, odbc-get-field, odbc-get-row-fields, odbc-get-all-rows, odbc-query


:: odbc-describe-column ( statement columnNumber -- column )
1024 :> bufferLen bufferLen alien-space-str :> columnName 0
short <ref> :> nameLengthPtr 0 short <ref>
:> dataTypePtr 0 uint <ref> :> columnSizePtr 0 short <ref>
:> decimalDigitsPtr 0 short <ref>
:> nullablePtr statement columnNumber columnName bufferLen
nameLengthPtr dataTypePtr columnSizePtr decimalDigitsPtr
nullablePtr SQLDescribeCol "SQLDescribeCol" check-odbc
nullablePtr short deref decimalDigitsPtr short deref
columnSizePtr uint deref dataTypePtr short deref
convert-sql-type columnName utf8 alien>string
columnNumber <column> ;