normalize-path ( path -- path' )
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Inputs and outputs
patha pathname string
path'a new pathname string

Word description
Prepends the current-directory to the pathname, resolves a resource: or vocab: prefix, if present (see Special pathnames). Also converts the path into a UNC path on Windows.

High-level words, such as <file-reader> and delete-file call this word for you. It only needs to be called directly when passing pathnames to C functions or external processes. This is because Factor does not use the operating system's notion of a current directory, and instead maintains its own dynamically-scoped current-directory variable.

On Windows NT platforms, this word prepends the Unicode path prefix.

For example, if you create a file named data.txt in the current directory, and wish to pass it to a process, you must normalize it:
"1 2 3" "data.txt" ascii set-file-contents "munge" "data.txt" normalize-path 2array run-process