GNU Database Manager

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Class description
Instance of this class is used as database configuration object. It has following slots:
nameThe file name of the database.
block-sizeThe size of a single transfer from disk to memory. If the value is less than 512, the file system blocksize is used (this is default).
roleDetermines what kind of access the user wants to obtain (see below).
syncBeing set to t causes all database operations to be synchronized to the disk.
nolockBeing set to t prevents gdbm from performing any locking on the database file.
modeAn integer representing standard UNIX access permissions.

The role can be set to one of the folowing values:
readerThe user can only read from existing database.
writerThe user can access existing database as reader and writer.
wrcreatOpen the database for reading and writing if it exists and create new one otherwise.
newdbCreate empty database even if there is already one with the same name.