?plural-article ( word -- article )
English natural language transformations

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worda string

articlea "a", a "an", or a "the"

Word description
Output the proper article given the plurality and first letter of the input. Unlike a/an this word handles plural inputs by outputting the definite "the". If the input is singular as determined by singular? this word operates like a/an.

English lacks a plural indefinite article, so the plural definite is used here instead.
This word attempts to preserve the letter case style of the input.
Due to the unique way in which the English language is structured, the number 0 is considered plural; 1 is the only singular quantity.

USING: english sequences kernel io ; "cat" [ ?plural-article ] keep " " glue print
a cat

USING: english sequences kernel io ; "cats" [ ?plural-article ] keep " " glue print
the cats

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