<pixel-format> ( world attributes -- pixel-format )
Pixel formats



worlda world
attributesa sequence

pixel-formata pixel-format

Word description
Requests a pixel format suitable for world with a set of Pixel format attributes. If no pixel format can be found that satisfies the given attributes, an invalid-pixel-format-attributes error is thrown. Pixel format attributes not supported by the window system are ignored. The returned pixel-format must be released using the dispose word when it is no longer needed.

Pixel formats don't normally need to be directly allocated by user code. If you need to control the pixel format requested by a window, subclass world and override the world-pixel-format-attributes and check-world-pixel-format words.

The returned pixel format does not necessarily exactly match the requested attributes; the window system will try to find the format that best matches the given attributes. Use pixel-format-attribute to check the actual values of the attributes on the returned pixel format.

See also
world-pixel-format-attributes, check-world-pixel-format, pixel-format, pixel-format-attribute