color-attachmentsa sequence
depth-attachmenta framebuffer-attachment
stencil-attachmenta framebuffer-attachment
dima sequence or f

framebuffera framebuffer

Word description
Creates a new framebuffer object comprising the given set of color-attachments, depth-attachment, and stencil-attachment. If dim is not null, all of the attachments will be resized using resize-framebuffer; otherwise, each texture or renderbuffer being attached must have image memory allocated for the framebuffer creation to succeed.

User-created framebuffer objects require OpenGL 3.0 or one of the GL_ARB_framebuffer_object or GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extensions. If only the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object is available, all framebuffer attachments must have the same size, and all color attachments must have the same component-order and component-type.

See also
framebuffer, resize-framebuffer


: <framebuffer>
( color-attachments depth-attachment: framebuffer-attachment stencil-attachment: framebuffer-attachment dim -- framebuffer: framebuffer )
[ [ 0 ] 3dip framebuffer boa dup ] dip
[ resize-framebuffer ] [ drop ] if* gen-framebuffer >>handle
dup attach-framebuffer-attachments window-resource ;