<cluster> ( id -- subgraph )
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Inputs and outputs
idan object
subgrapha subgraph

Word description
Constructs a cluster, which is a subgraph whose id begins with the word "cluster".

id must be an object supported by the present word. The string "cluster_" is automatically prefixed to the id of the resulting subgraph.

Clusters are just a syntactic convention. Not all Graphviz layout engines treat clusters any differently from regular subgraphs. See the Graphviz documentation (http://graphviz.org/Documentation.php) for more information.

USING: graphviz prettyprint ; "foo" <cluster> .
T{ subgraph { id "cluster_foo" } { statements V{ } } }

USING: accessors graphviz prettyprint ; 0 <cluster> id>> .

See also
subgraph, <subgraph>, <anon>