FUNCTION: return name ( parameters )

Inputs and outputs
returna C return type
namea C function name
parametersa comma-separated sequence of type/name pairs; type1 arg1, type2 arg2, ...

Word description
Defines a new word name which calls the C library function with the same name in the logical library given by the most recent LIBRARY: declaration.

The new word must be compiled before being executed.

For example, suppose the foo library exports the following function:
void the_answer(char* question, int value) { printf("The answer to %s is %d. ",question,value); }

You can define a word for invoking it:
LIBRARY: foo FUNCTION: void the_answer ( c-string question, int value ) "the question" 42 the_answer
The answer to the question is 42.

Using the c-string type instead of char* causes the FFI to automatically convert Factor strings to C strings. See C strings for more information on using strings with the FFI.

To make a Factor word with a name different from the C function, use FUNCTION-ALIAS:.

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