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Vocabulary directories can contain text files with metadata:
authors.txta series of lines, with one author name per line. These are listed under Vocabulary authors.
platforms.txta series of lines, with one operating system name per line.
resources.txta series of lines, with one file glob pattern per line. Files inside the vocabulary directory whose names match any of these glob patterns will be included with the compiled application as Deployed resource files.
summary.txta one-line description.
tags.txta series of lines, with one tag per line. Tags help classify the vocabulary. Consult Vocabulary tags for a list of existing tags you can reuse.

These metadata files can be accessed with the following words:
vocab-authors ( vocab -- authors )

vocab-platforms ( vocab -- platforms )

vocab-resources ( vocab -- patterns )

vocab-summary ( vocab -- summary )

vocab-tags ( vocab -- tags )

Getting and setting arbitrary vocabulary metadata:
vocab-file-lines ( vocab name -- lines/f )

set-vocab-file-lines ( lines vocab name -- )