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HTTP POST and PUT request words take a post data parameter, which can be one of the following:
a byte-array: the data is sent the server without further encoding
a string: the data is encoded and then sent as a series of bytes
an assoc: the assoc is interpreted as a series of form parameters, which are encoded with assoc>query
an input stream: the contents of the input stream are transmitted to the server without being read entirely into memory - this is useful for large requests
f denotes that there is no post data
a post-data tuple, for additional control

When passing a stream, you must ensure the stream is closed afterwards. The best way is to use with-disposal or Deterministic resource disposal. For example,
"my-large-post-request.txt" ascii <file-reader> [ URL"" http-post ] with-disposal

An internal word used to convert objects to post-data instances:
>post-data ( object -- post-data )