Help coverage linting

The help.lint.coverage vocabulary implements a very pedantic documentation completeness checker.

The documentation coverage linter requires most words to have HELP: declarations defining some of the $values, $description, $error-description, $class-description, $examples sections (see Element types).

This vocabulary is intended to be used alongside and after help.lint, not as a replacement for it.

These words are provided to aid in writing more complete documentation:
word-help-coverage. ( word-spec -- )

vocab-help-coverage. ( vocab-spec -- )

prefix-help-coverage. ( prefix-spec private? -- )

Coverage report objects:

help-coverage. ( coverage -- )

Raw report generation:
<word-help-coverage> ( word -- coverage )

<vocab-help-coverage> ( vocab-spec -- coverage )

<prefix-help-coverage> ( prefix private? -- coverage )