Complete bipartite graphs
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In graph theory, a bipartite graph is one in which the nodes can be divided into exactly two independent sets (i.e., there are no edges between nodes in the same set).

USING: formatting locals math.parser sequences graphviz graphviz.notation graphviz.render ; :: partite-set ( n color -- cluster ) color <cluster> color =color [node color =color ]; n <iota> [ number>string color prepend add-node ] each ; :: K_n,m ( n m -- ) <graph> [node "point" =shape ]; [graph "t" =labelloc "dot" =layout "LR" =rankdir ]; n "#FF0000" partite-set m "#0000FF" partite-set add-edge ! between clusters ! set label last so that clusters don't inherit it n m "K %d,%d" sprintf =label preview ;

3 3 K_n,m

3 4 K_n,m

5 4 K_n,m