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The furnace.auth.features.recover-password vocabulary implements an authentication feature for user password recovery, allowing users to get a new password e-mailed to them in the event they forget their current one.

To enable this feature, first call the following word on an authentication realm,
allow-password-recovery ( realm -- realm )

Then set a global configuration variable:

In addition, the SMTP client library may need to be configured as well.

To check if password recovery is enabled:
allow-password-recovery? ( -- ? )

This feature adds a recover-password action to the realm, and a link to this action can be inserted in Chloe templates using the following XML snippet:
<t:if t:code="furnace.auth.features.recover-password:allow-password-recovery?"> <t:button t:action="$realm/recover-password">Recover password</t:button> </t:if>